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How to make mornings easier for lazy people

We get it. Everything seems hard to do especially after a long day at work or at school. But that doesn’t mean you should suffer the consequences the next day. Read through these tips for less hassle in the morning:

Wash yourself the night before.

Most people are still awake around 9 pm until midnight. So, while you’re chilling during those times—start your body and skincare routine. Taking care of yourself on a Sunday night can be the best way to start a new week. That way, you’ll feel fresh and motivated, which is hard to achieve with strong lazy tendencies. Then, with the rest of the weeknights, just do your usual routine.

Prepare easy but healthy meals.

You might be running late but that doesn’t mean you should skip breakfast. It’s the truth! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can skip lunch or dinner but never the morning meal. This will give you the initial strength for the whole day. It can be a sandwich, a protein shake, or a salad—just always eat in the morning.

Plan your outfits for the week.

This is the most enjoyable part since it’s about what you’re going to wear. Here’s how to deal with it: the week should start with formal and then closes with casual. But you have your own wardrobe taste, so, your rules. Just make sure to plan them all. This way, you won’t have to rummage through your closet and further mess up your room. Less mess, fewer things to think about.

Look at your clock constantly.

This one is a habit you should have, especially in the morning. Setting an alarm is good, but if you always hit the snooze, then you should always have a contingency plan. When you keep on glancing at the clock while preparing, your brain estimates everything. This will, at least, give you some pressure that you have to rush and get ready fast.

Make a list.

This should’ve been the first one. But this is optional. You can list down the essential things you’ll bring, especially if you’re quite forgetful. You can write it on your notebook or even on your phone’s alarm descriptions. This will prevent you from going back because you forgot your keys or phone. Not only will the latter consume your time, but also give you more stress. You’re in a bad mood + you’re also late = a major disaster!

That’s all, folks! For this to work, of course, you’ll need discipline. This might be hard at first but you will surely benefit from this. Just give it a try and comment down what you think about it.


By alyra laine

girl with the glasses. professional slacker. escaping reality. hot chocolate is life. rarely inspired. vivid nightmares, blurry dreams.

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