It’s okay to sit down and get a pedicure sometimes

I love being pampered. It just feels great to feel taken care of.

Moreover, I love the feeling of not thinking and analyzing things. That’s why I love the peace and quiet of getting a pedicure.

If you luckily find a place where the nail technicians are not too chatty, then you should drop by some time. Get a pedicure.

Let me tell you why.

These days, peace of mind is already a luxury. Doing something seems to be the new breathing. It’s almost unheard of to go idle and not do stuff.

In our productivity-obsessed culture, it’s even taboo to go idle.

I believe, however, that for us to function effectively, we should go idle often.

Whether it’s hanging out at a garden or getting a pedicure — doing such activities during a respite, however brief, can already do magic.

Going idle from your tasks, personal projects, or people, will help you regain your mojo. It resets your brain. And even science agrees.

Remember how taking a nap after studying made you perform better on exams? That’s just similar to our daily adult life.

We need to take a step back to see things from a wider perspective and a clearer lens.

We need to be able to give our brains a break. We need to breathe to be able to tackle our mounting workloads better.

Don’t let showers and sleeping be your only times where your mind can wander.

The next time you’re approaching a hell week, do yourself a favor.

Before you start your Mondays, sit down by the cafe.

Take a walk along the sandy shores.

Get a pedicure.

Who knows? Maybe the nail technician lady can even give you some neat hair tips.


By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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