Why do we overthink?

Are we overthinking or are we just being cautious?

Let’s draw the line.

Overthinking Vs. Being cautious

Thinking too much or too long about certain matters is overthinking.

Moreover, it’s when you create unrealistic scenarios that might never even happen.

Being cautious, on the other hand, is accepting the reality that you may fail. It’s the awareness that things may go wrong.

However, overthinking is already accepting that you will fail — that you already fucked up.

There are several reasons why we tend to overthink things.

1. Fear of failure

We overanalyze things because we hate messing up. We want things to get better but our self-dialogue gets in the way.

Overthinking is also a masochistic way of saving face from admitting defeat.

2. Trust issues

This is a completely valid reason.

People, events, and situations may have disappointed us in major ways in the past.

Overthinking that the same results might occur is one of the aftermaths.

3. No faith in one’s abilities

It’s hard not to overthink things when you’re not confident in your skills.

You always think more of failure when you don’t have an encouraging self-dialogue.

4. Thinking that a situation can’t be controlled

Some situations can be managed, but fear stops us from believing this.

If we let things happen to us, they really will.

5. Indecision

Not having good or having too many options can lead to overthinking.

Which of these seemingly equal options is better (or less damaging)?

Making the decision — and accepting you are, in fact, in charge and responsible — can be a hard pill to swallow.

6. Unwillingness to change (or bend) our worldview

Often, we are too hinged on our own worldview.

We are too fearful because we haven’t looked at how things from other perspectives — only from our own.

In a nutshell…

You are worrying because you care. Don’t let this cripple you, though.

You can still overcome overthinking by taking small steps. Improve your self-dialogue.

Do you want to get better?

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By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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