Quick Copy Challenge | 2021 Compilation

Build your copywriting portfolio with these 7 challenges.

Build your portfolio.

Need to build a copywriting portfolio? Use these 7 Quick Copy Challenges from Filipino Remote Copywriters. You’re welcome!

1. Facebook Group Tagline

Write a one-sentence tagline for a Facebook Community, Filipino Remote Copywriters.

2. Cold Email Subject Line

I’m a B2C marketing executive for a budding food delivery app, and I need a copywriter. Grab my attention with a cold email subject line about your copywriting service.

3. Product Launch Tagline

Write a product launch tagline for a new vegan coffee creamer for 25 y/o and above Filipino professionals.

4. Hero Banner Copy

Write a hero banner headline and subheading for Swiv, CBD gummies for adults in the US.

5. LinkedIn Cold Outreach DM

Write a LinkedIn Cold Outreach Message about a life insurance plan for a Director of Communications or a VP of Marketing.

6. Product Ad Copy

Write an ad copy for Dripp, a Filipino insulated stainless steel water bottle.

7. Mobile App Launch Tagline

Write a tagline for Bagged, a dating app that matches people based on their shopping interests.

About Quick Copy Challenge

When did it start?

It started as a simple post that challenged the members of Filipino Remote Copywriters. The members then commented their entries on the post and I declared a winner the day after. And the rest is history!

How can it help me?

By joining QCC, you can test your copywriting skills, learn from other participants, and build your portfolio. You don’t even need to win! (But it would be great if you can… y’know, bragging rights.)

Where can I join?

Just join Filipino Remote Copywriters on Facebook. Stay in the loop for the challenge post every third Thursday of the month.

Got more questions? More FAQs here.


By Tricia Hingpit

conversion copywriter & UX writer from Davao City, Philippines.

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