Tiny Seconds is a personal blog by aspiring writer Tricia Hingpit.

Why “Tiny Seconds”?

I wanted a minimalist name with the concept of time. I’ve tried a few titles such as “triciahours” and “minutesof” but I stuck to “tinyseconds” because it wasn’t taken yet (thank goodness) and it sounds kind of cute and quiet. Also, the first two sounded clumsy. Don’t they?

What will I share?

Welp, I’m here to complain about life. Kidding. I’m planning on documenting my life as a twenty-something writer. In here you will find accounts of my mishaps, experiences and generally… the life I see, feel, and live. Expect poems, short stories, tips, reviews, conversations, etc.

What keeps me going?

I have my family, and a few close friends. But let’s be honest–we all need stuff other than those gems that I mentioned to keep us sane. So what keeps me going? Films, Art, Poetry, and Books–they keep me moving. Expect me to rave every now and then.

What’s in it for you?

I can’t please everyone, but through this blog, I hope I can give you perspective and relate with you in some way.

So read away!

Life is nothing but a bunch of tiny seconds.



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