Goodbye, My Lover — A Poem


Les Deux Amis (2015) dir. Louis Garrel

My lover–a ghost hunter,
found my haunted dwelling
which hummed danger, anger–
but glistened with fresh paint.

Still he ventured–
laid his bags on the dusty floor
and then sat and felt the walls
until he owned the house

My empty rooms he filled, but
his stay made my demons sweat,
so they teared through
my translucent wallpaper

Sweet, sticky pain seeped out
of the gape they made
and then out crawled a beast;
my lover shivered on his knees

Clawed, socked, chewed–
his flesh was torn;
the beast breathed fire
burned his shirts to a crisp

My lover–a survivor
Never again, he said

And just like before,
this house is empty
once again.



Hearty Birthday Lunch at Nanay Bebeng’s


We celebrated my niece’s third birthday through a hearty lunch at Nanay Bebeng’s, an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant at Garcia Heights, Davao City.

Aaliyah is already three years old. Seriously, she was so small before! Now she’s a happy toddler — always runs in circles and always jumps.

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5 inevitable things College made me realize


College didn’t teach me everything I should know, but surely I’m not alone in having these significant realizations to share — apart from knowing that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

These are “lessons” that I can’t easily discuss out in the open, but instead, probably pass on as a set of guidelines to the new set of youngsters.

So take these with a grain of salt:

5. Friends come and go  

Probably the earliest, but the hardest pill to swallow.

Back in high school, I had a clique that I highly favored more than *shudder* a boyfriend. This goes without saying but they gave me happiness, and a sense of adventure — something I believed I lacked as a child.

We had the best of times, yes, but as soon as College happened the inevitable also followed. We grew apart, but it doesn’t mean that the friendship wasn’t real.

The good thing is some friendships were sustained, which made me more appreciative of the word friendship.

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Jimboy – A Short Story


Lola Myrna is a soft-spoken 70-year-old woman who lives with her toddler grandson, Jimboy. She has ash-gray hair, and she keeps mostly to herself.

 Lola is well-known in their neighborhood for adoring only two things in this world: her garden and her only grandson.

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