BLOGGED: New Job and the Thai Winter Melon Drink

Stories about Adulting, handling rejection, etc.

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5 inevitable things College made me realize


College didn’t teach me everything I should know, but surely I’m not alone in having these significant realizations to share — apart from knowing that Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

These are “lessons” that I can’t easily discuss out in the open, but instead, probably pass on as a set of guidelines to the new set of youngsters.

So take these with a grain of salt:

5. Friends come and go  

Probably the earliest, but the hardest pill to swallow.

Back in high school, I had a clique that I highly favored more than *shudder* a boyfriend. This goes without saying but they gave me happiness, and a sense of adventure — something I believed I lacked as a child.

We had the best of times, yes, but as soon as College happened the inevitable also followed. We grew apart, but it doesn’t mean that the friendship wasn’t real.

The good thing is some friendships were sustained, which made me more appreciative of the word friendship.

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Pop! Goes Their Art


Beautiful images and sights just relax me. I feel better when I’m surrounded with art.

I’m not an artist, but I have a long running love affair with Art since I was young. I was always on the “right” side of things or the “creative” side–drawing, creative writing, painting. Yep, you can include me now on the stereotypes of numberphobic people.

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First few seconds.


I’m Tricia. This is my first post. I have been planning to blog about my life after College. I recently graduated with an AB Mass Communication degree and I really regret it that I haven’t documented my experiences as a student. Now, as a struggling 22-year-old, I will do my best to not repeat that mistake.

Why “Tiny Seconds”?

I wanted a minimalist name with the concept of time. I’ve tried a few titles such as “triciahours” and “minutesof” but I stuck to “tinyseconds” because it wasn’t taken yet (thank goodness) and it sounds kind of cute and quiet. Also, the first two sounded clumsy. Don’t they?

What will I share?

Welp, I’m here to complain about life. Kidding. I’m planning on documenting my life as a twenty-something writer. In here you will find accounts of my mishaps, experiences and generally… the life I see, feel, and live. Expect poems, short stories, tips, reviews, conversations, etc.

What keeps me going?

I have my family, few close friends, and a long distance boyfriend. But let’s be honest–we all need stuff other than those gems that I mentioned to keep us sane. So what keeps me going? Films, Art, Poetry, and Books–they keep me moving. Expect me to rave every now and then.

What’s in it for you?

I can’t please everyone, but through this blog, I hope I can give you perspective and relate with you in some way.

So read away!

Life is nothing but a bunch of tiny seconds.

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