It started with a desire to create.

The Tiny Seconds is a copywriting service in Davao City, Philippines.

Where it all started

It all started in the hype of Berlin Art Parasites on Facebook in 2015.

Wanting to create something meaningful as well, Tricia Hingpit created The Tiny Seconds.

So, initially, it was a Facebook page that curated high-quality photos and literary excerpts.

What I am driven to do

Over the time, The Tiny Seconds has gained a following on Facebook.

It all began with a desire to create meaningful things. And so I am channeling this into my copywriting service.

I want to tell your story to the world. We want you to make a real impact with your content.

Where it’s currently at 

The Tiny Seconds has grown with me. Today, it’s a copywriting service for people who want quality content on their websites, campaigns, and apps. 

But at its core is my passion for storytelling, quality, and excellence—just like when I was curating literary excerpts and photographs.

At the moment, The Tiny Seconds is not accepting client projects. Get in touch with me if you want my help in non-profit collaboration and work. 

Make the tiny seconds count.