Womenite—a planned informal get-together that turned out as a gathering of bright women from Davao’s local business sector.

It was almost seven in the evening when I arrived at the PLDT Innolab in Ponciano. And I must be honest. Before that, I was procrastinating, imagining the mud and the hassle from the traffic congestion I’d encounter later on that Tuesday night.

However, as promised and enlisted in my personal goals’ list, I’d battle against my bad habit of bailing out of social events. Obviously, I won. And it felt really good.

Photo by Womenpowered Institute

The Womenpowered Institute team was more than eager to speak and share business ideas and tips through TED-esque talks. I went home with wonderful info, tips, and ideas.

I enjoyed how quick and straightforward the presentations were. “How to Be a GirlBoss this 2018” by Mr. Outsource CEO  Regina Evangelista was short and really substantial.

“Good Business Ideas for 2018” by Mary Rose Ofianga, Founder of Womenpowered Institute, fed me some interesting and noteworthy trends in business for newbies.



Wonderful people from the U.S. Embassy, Keith, Bryan, and Stephanie, all shared some insightful statements and ideas about the empowerment of women in the workforce.



On top of that, other Davaoeñas from different but relevant industries all got to share what brought them there.

Womenite did unite some young, bright Davaoeñas in that rainy Tuesday night.

Goes without saying, I’m looking forward to attending more events like this.